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The Directory of escorts and whores in Murcia will be your best ally if you are looking for adventures, good experiences, enjoy with the best of the companies you can find in Murcia, to explore the incredible city of Murcia.

We are The Golden Models: a directory of high-level escorts and whores ads, where you will find the most sensual and dedicated escorts in the entire region of Murcia. The high standing bridesmaids advertised on this website are perfect for all kinds of activities.

Perhaps you want a lady to accompany you, so you can go to a night event that you do not want to go alone; So it would be propitious to be well accompanied with a beautiful lady with a slim body and a dreamy waist, who in turn, when walking, the other guests are amazed with the elegance and the flirtatious and seductive form with which he takes each step. You should not forget that these girls are the most desired ladies in the whole region of Murcia; not only for its beauty, but also for the elegance they possess. So is! These exalted and very well educated ladies have no problem adapting to any situation and time.

However, perhaps a luxurious dinner for two is in your plans, in which you will not only delight your fine palate with the most exquisite gastronomy of Murcia; but accompanied by an exotic escort or luxury whore in Murcia with an incomparable beauty that you can only find in our directory of whores in Murcia: The Golden Models, will also delight your gaze with the voluptuous body of the girl of your choice.

Perhaps it is your first time in beautiful Murcia, and you still do not know in depth the most prominent and visited destinations in the city. That is why, apart from providing you with the possibility of easily contacting the best high-class escorts in Murcia; We will also provide you with a list of the places you could visit and enjoy to the fullest along with the escort lady of your choice.

The first thing that is sought when planning a trip, is that the destination to visit has good places to rest and excellent gastronomic sites. So we will start hinting at some of the most luxurious restaurants to visit, where you will undoubtedly enjoy Mediterranean, Spanish and fusion cuisine in the best of companies with luxury whores in Murcia.

The Tapeo de San Pedro. Being a seafood specialist restaurant, with a spacious interior that will give you comfort and privacy when it comes to tasting your food, for a pleasant conversation with your exuberant companion.

The Little Tavern. One of the most outstanding gastronomic spaces in the city, characterized by offering the most delicious Spanish food on its menu, with Mediterranean touches. And we assure you that the food will taste much better, next to an elegant and sensual lady who will make you the center of all eyes.
The Churra. A restaurant dedicated to the spectacular barbecue seasoning. Meats are their specialties, but you

should not miss the delicious desserts they offer. However, the real dessert will come later, when you have the opportunity to spend a few hours of intimacy with the most beautiful and erotic lady.Now let’s talk a little about the hotels, and it is that on that merely pleasant trip, the place of your provisional room during your stay becomes viral. Not only to enjoy comfort and a good rest; but also, meeting alone with a lady as striking as the one you can find in The Golden Models, you will not want to leave the room once you have contacted some of the most sophisticated whores in Murcia. And since you will spend a lot of time in it, why not make sure that it is an appropriate and comfortable place?

Nelva Hotel. Perfect for an intimate and uninterrupted night. The attention is magnificent and the employees very attentive. In addition, it has a very good location. And as it could not be missed, it has a delicious pool, ideal to relax and take a bath next to its beautiful young lady.
NH Amistad de Murcia. A fairly well-known hotel in the city with very good references. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, as well as having an Anti-noise system, which guarantees a wild and uninterrupted night for the neighbors.
Zenit Murcia. Despite being a 3-star hotel, it is one of the most visited, and not only for the quality of the service, but also for its proximity to the city center; making it a perfect strategic tourist spot.
Likewise, in the city of Murcia you will have many other places to enjoy a good weekend or a dream vacation accompanied at all times by high-class escorts, whether you prefer independent ladies or contacting the agencies and escort houses in Murcia advertised on our website ..

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Escorts and Whores in Murcia for your fantasies

Murcia constitutes itself as a spectacular destination; but the most exquisite and satisfying experiences can only be lived together by the escort lady of your choice. The services they offer will amaze you.

Just imagine a monumental escort with long legs and perfect buttocks, a gym abdomen and firm breasts, in addition to an angelic face, these ladies are the most select that you can find in Murcia.

From sensual massages in the styles you prefer, to all kinds of fantasies and role-playing games. Whether you are a BDSM lover or prefer a more intimate and romantic experience, the escorts in The Golden Models directory will fulfill each of your fantasies. You only have to enter our website. In this way you will be able to choose the lady that best suits your needs.

Do not forget, if you want to travel to Murcia or are already in the city, contact the favorite escort lady and enjoy the maximum satisfaction that only the high-class escorts in our directory of announcements, The Golden Models, can offer you .



Tan bueno que no compartiré mi secretoTamara fue impresionante, comunicativa y divertida. Absolutamente apasionada. ¡No puedo decidir si recomendarla a mis amigos o mantenerla como mi secreto mejor guardado!
- Frederic -
So good that I will not share my secretTamara was impressive, communicative and fun. Absolutely passionate. I can not decide whether to recommend it to my friends or keep it as my best kept secret!
- Frederic -
El placer de un fin de semana en la mejor compañíaQuería terminar la semana con un poco de diversión. Llamé y acordé reunirme unas horas con la hermosa Cris que me recomendaron en la agencia. El tiempo se detuvo mientras ambos disfrutábamos con pasión. Ella es dulce, juguetona y aventurera. Tendré que volver a verla [...]
- Michael R. -
The pleasure of a weekend in the best companyI wanted to end the week with a bit of fun. I called and agreed to meet a few hours with the beautiful Cris who was recommended to me at the agency. The time stopped while we both enjoyed with passion. She is sweet, playful and adventurous. I'll have to see her again[...]
- Michael R. -
Para disfrutar del paraíso, consulté a The Golden ModelsAl principio estaba un poco ansioso por pasar de mi escort de siempre en Ibiza, pero desde el principio la recepcionista de la agencia me cautivó con su voz y además hizo una excelente elección al guiarme hasta Desiree  que satisfaría mis sueños más  exigentes esa noche. Creo que voy a ampliar mis horizontes en Ibiza a través de la contratación de diferentes modelos cada vez que estoy en la isla [...]
To enjoy paradise, I consulted The Golden ModelsAt first I was a little anxious to go from my usual escort in Ibiza, but from the beginning the receptionist of the agency captivated me with her voice and also made an excellent choice to guide me to Desiree that would satisfy my most demanding dreams.  I think I will expand my horizons in Ibiza through the hiring of different models every time I am on the island [...]

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