About Megan

Distinction, finesse, elegance and luxury are qualities that define this beautiful escort Tenerife sur with a seductive appearance and a face that excites just looking at it. Which makes her the ideal companion for a magnificent event, a romantic streak, a dreamy night or simply an evening in which overflowing passion reigns in her bed or in the hotel of her preference.

Just imagine arriving at a busy place with this beautiful young lady raising all of her eyes, which she will attract with a tight dress. We assure her that you, an exalted man who seeks to please his senses, will look magnificent and virile next to her. He will become the center of attraction and not only men will observe this beauty, but women will observe you different, elegant and mysterious. Attractive ... Don't you think?

On the contrary, although you want to get straight to the point and prefer to go directly to physical pleasure, this charming young lady will be ready to please you from the first second you are next to her.

Although she does not think that those mischievous eyes, defined cheekbones and full lips are just a screen, this girl is as you can see in the images, a devil thirsty for pleasure, with a voracious appetite that only satiates with strong men willing to tame her. That's how it is! According to what she shows, this girl is a beast that wants to be tamed, but she will never make it easy for you, since you will have to fight for it, because she will not give up easily. In The Golden Models you can mark her appointment.

But she will guarantee you a different night, a wild and unusual encounter, something that very few men are used to, which means that she will enjoy a hectic evening in which this escort in Tenerife will please you in unimaginable ways. By the end of the night, you will be victorious, virile, and pleased to have tamed her, as well as exhausted; but with a big smile of satisfaction that she will remind him of for the rest of her life, that great sexually wild journey that she was able to experience.

How could she pass up an opportunity like this?

Contact us, she does not miss it.


CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

The Profile of Megan

Age: 24
Nationality: Venezuelan
Height: 169cm / Weight: 56kg
Stats: Bust: 93cm / Waist: 62cm / Hips: 92cm
Eyes: Brown / Hair: Black
Availability: Local & International.

The Preferences of Megan

Perfumes: Bulgari
Travels: Paris
Cuisine: Japanese  / Drinks: Whisky
Clothes: Tom Ford / Lingerie: Carine Gilson / Shoes: Sergio Rossi
Books: El Alquimista
Music: Techno-House

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CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

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