About Michele

One of the most exuberant escorts you can find, beautiful and sexy. Style and Elegance in the same proportions, in it you will notice how creativity and lust go hand in hand to turn each of her appointments into a special and unforgettable adventure.

The perfect company lady to spend in pleasant company a weekend, a trip or any type of event. Likewise, if you do not have the time necessary to really enjoy the company of a lady like her, because your commitments and others prevent it, you should not worry since she is a very passionate Marbella escort with whom you can also share more concentrated and intensive experiences .

You will see how naturally and knowing how to be able to cope in any type of situation will make you feel very comfortable.

Incredible that this lady is so sophisticated, doesn't she think so?

This beautiful escort Ibiza with an incredible figure, surely resembles the one who has appeared repeatedly in her fantasies, and can now make them come true by marking an appointment, in which she can satisfy her most intimate desires and live an unforgettable experience, where pleasure and satisfaction are the objectives to be met.

This magnificent lady with lush curves and a charming face is the luxury whore who has fulfilled the most fantasies in our agency. Her open mind and her desire to meet the gentlemen who have the opportunity to be her lovers, has been the engine of an endless source that has allowed her to be an eminence between the sheets of her couples . It would be a sin not to indulge in this girl's silky skin.

Just imagine the moment when she makes the appearance and you, after having waited her whole life for an experience like this, finally find yourself in front of such a tremendous beauty and can possess her in her arms. Her magic will appear suddenly with her movements, the elegance that distinguishes her from her will make him instantly aroused and later she will have the possibility to delight in her great and beautiful gifts.

Has she never imagined having such big and perfect breasts in her hands? Or maybe you see ... she never thought of giving herself the opportunity to spank such hard and firm buttocks? We are sure that it is. And that is why we offer you this great opportunity, for you to give yourself the taste you deserve and enjoy the charms and skills of this escort Marbella.

Venture into a changed role play, into an experience of sado-masochism, in savoring the moments in which this girl's breasts embrace her sexuality and perform an exquisite Cuban-style masturbation; or a fetish session, being impregnated with the exquisite services offered by this lady. Open her mind and allow her to own each of her fantasies so that she can in turn satisfy them all.

He cannot let this occasion slip from her grasp.


CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

The Profile of Michele

Age: 27
Nationality: Portuguese
Height: 167cm / Weight: 53kg
Stats: Bust: 91cm / Waist: 60cm / Hips: 91cm
Eyes: Green / Hair: Black
Availability: Local & International.

The Preferences of Michele

Perfumes: Escada
Travels: Paris
Cuisine: Italiana  / Drinks: White wine
Clothes: Tom Ford / Lingerie: Aubade / Shoes: Sergio Rossi
Books: El Alquimista
Music: Coldplay

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CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

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