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Erotic massage Tenerife The secret

How were the first steps? Daniela

I worked as a professional Erotic masseuse Tenerife in a spa. One day while I was in my spa I had a massage session with a very athletic man, nice and not very old in the middle of the massage with a bit of embarrassment, he told me if I could make him a ¨¨ happy ending

The truth is I stayed a little thinking I imagined what could be referred but wanted to be subtle … He told me: “If I can also gratify for the favor” the truth is not anything professional for a masseuse but I was going through a bad economic time and it did not hurt me a few extra euros to say it in some way.

A few days later the nice and generous man returned and asked for a massage with me. We went back to talking and he asked me so timidly for the * happy ending of that massage * again I was financially gratifiable and he told me when he said goodbye to me that he had some hands gold and I had to take advantage of it ..

And that’s how I started contacting luxury agencies in Madrid and my star service is massages. I quit my job at the spa because I started to have a high demand for appointments and now I consider myself one of the most professional escort with golden hands because I have a motto and it is if you already started something at least finish it doing it well! ¡¡¡¡


Have you marked a goal, or how long do you plan to be in this job?

Yeah right if!!! There is no doubt that I will not always be in this job now I am very young and I still have a lot of life ahead but if in about 7 years or a little more I hope I have saved enough to pay for my children’s college and buy some property to rent to tourists or holiday apartments or something like that (laughs). Since we all like it when the holidays do not?

Will you tell him your past and what you did?

I have to know it very well and know that it is very open minded so that I can understand it. I do not think there would be any problem, and very well you said it will be my past … Tenerife erotic massage


He told me: “If I can also gratify for the favor”


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