About Ivonne

An escort to stand out both for her exotic and angelic face and for her provocative and fiery gaze. This sexy and irresistible escort Lanzarote will make lust and pleasure the common denominator and in which nothing other than passion and debauchery will have no place.

Just the fact of being able to share moments of fun, happiness and pleasure with her is a reason to feel more than privileged. Do not think about it too much and do not miss the opportunity to share any type of experience with a lady of such a level ...

In every sensation that he makes you experience during the date, you can find a reason why you can feel like a lucky man.

He has searched endlessly for a woman with prominent curves and striking eyes and full lips, we know that. That is why you should already feel happy to have found it. Right after seeing her incredible photographs and having been delighted with the spicy video in which she shows her breasts, she has already made a decision, and we assure her that it has been the best decision of her life, since this incredible and beautiful lady, possessor of that magnificent figure that you have already been able to visualize, she is a sex addict who makes each of her lovers shudder in different ways, since she is a versatile woman who adapts to whatever she is and is reluctant at all times to monotony.

Which presupposes to be one of the most outstanding personal characteristics of this escort lady, and it turns out to be an exceptional quality for the gentlemen. You, exalted gentleman of great virility, want a woman who satisfies you and fulfills each of her requests, that is why this lady Marbella escort will be the ideal one for your nights of fantasies and waste of pleasure, fulfilling every desire that you have without respects.

Sex days with this lady can begin in many ways, and she has a wide variety of skills, which would be impossible to discover in a single night, and that is why we invite you to venture out on a weekend with her, the one who can know her better and she knows you. In this way they will achieve the intimacy they need and night after night, sexual task after task, the moments of pleasure will grow exponentially, causing her body and mind to be filled with pure satisfaction.

You could start the day with an erotic chat in which the psychological games of this girl turn you on completely, and then take a delicious shower together and you can personally taste the silky skin of this luxury companion, and why not? While they are in the shower, perhaps a delicious deep throat could further ignite their desires.

But that will not be all, as the night is just beginning. So don't miss out on this opportunity.


CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

The Profile of Ivonne

Age: 26
Nationality: Venezuelan
Height: 168cm / Weight: 55kg
Stats: Bust: 91cm / Waist: 60cm / Hips: 91cm
Eyes: Hazel / Hair: Brown
Availability: Local & International.

The Preferences of Ivonne

Perfumes: Dior Hypnotic Poison
Travels: Ibiza
Cuisine: Thai  / Drinks: Cocktail
Clothes: Welldone / Lingerie: Dita Von Teese / Shoes: Aquazzura
Books: Nora Roberts
Music: Latin music

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CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

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