About Maureen

So beautiful and radiant that they make it as close to perfection as possible, this being the result of a perfect combination of factors such as privileged genetics and constant physical and mental care.

Her cult of body and mind says a lot about her, on the one hand the daily sacrifice with hours of different training modalities, which allow her to have a spectacular silhouette and on the other, her constant effort, which has allowed her to progress in her studies. and achieve your goals.

Her body measurements approximate her to perfection, added to the effort of years of work, which allows her the possibility that her lovers will always find her wonderful and attractive, and this escort in Lanzarote really enjoys giving the best of herself to the gentlemen or ladies who want to share fantasies with her, do you want to be one of the privileged?

Have you already seen the pictures of this luxury whore? Of course you do, and that is why you will know that it is totally true that this lady is beauty personified, and that her body is a work of art: fine, perfectly achieved, with dreamy curves, breasts and buttocks of an irresistible firmness, stylized and beautiful legs, with the required proportions and the perfect voluptuousness to drive those who are given the opportunity to share moments with them crazy.

It should be noted that the above is only what is visible to the eyes, the obvious, the physical, however there is much more to it ... It is not only about the body but the attitude that it possesses, which allows it to use its attributes as seductive weapons. infallible, in order to please as much as possible.

The Gran Canaria escort contains a high repertoire of wild, classic, exotic, original positions, in which always seeking your pleasure and comfort, will make you feel in paradise ... Enjoy a company like no other that allows you to realize all your fantasies sexual, and achieve the highest possible level of pleasure, of pleasing erotic techniques to stimulate it, among many others such as private dances and lustful massages. He won't find you, woman who will satisfy him that way!

The best of all, is that in addition to a passionate and exuberant lover in bed, you can also have an elegant companion, in the same person ... As you read: Count on this attractive young lady, full of graces and charms, to be by your side in high-end, prestigious restaurants, in exclusive nightclubs, even in meetings and private, luxurious parties, where you require a company ...

And it is that all of the above are scenarios to which our lady adapts with an indisputable naturalness, so that you are the attraction, the envy of the event for having such a beautiful woman on your arm ... So start the wild evening with a yacht trip, a fun and dynamic plan, a party or an intimate game night, so that you can enjoy every aspect that makes our girl the best.


CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

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The Profile of Maureen

Age: 25
Nationality: Spanish
Height: 171cm / Weight: 57kg
Stats: Bust: 91cm / Waist: 60cm / Hips: 92cm
Eyes: Hazel / Hair: Brown
Availability: Local & International.

The Preferences of Maureen

Perfumes: Lady Million
Travels: Paris
Cuisine: Grilled meats  / Drinks: Champagne Veuve Clicquot
Clothes: Sergio Rossi / Lingerie: Carine Gilson / Shoes: Chanel
Books: Flowers of Evil
Music: Techno-House

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CALL ME: +34 659 050 167

WHATSAPP: +34 659 050 167

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